Michael Thompson (Aryan Brotherhood)

Michael Thompson is a former leader in the Aryan Brotherhood (AB) prison gang.

Thompson was a former high school football star, and is from a part Native American background. He initially had reservations about joining the group, but eventually relented. He claims to have killed 22 people behind bars, all gang war related while a member of the brotherhood.

Thompson later became an informant against the Aryan Brotherhood after another AB member, Curtis Price, killed the father, wife and friend of an AB defector named Steven Barnes. The killing of a target's family is strictly forbidden by the rules of the Aryan Brotherhood, and Thompson was appalled by the lack of respect, and turned his back on the AB. Thompson's name was put "in the hat," which is AB code for putting on their deathlist.

Though still in prison, Thompson has spent the past twenty years working with authorities in their efforts to clamp down on the activities of the AB. As well as testifying against AB members in court, he has given lectures and written documents on the activities of the brotherhood.


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