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Arturo Peniche

Arturo Peniche (born May 17, 1962) is a famous Mexican telenovela actor who became popular in Latin America during the 1990s. He Is The Brother of actor Flavio Peniche, Who Plays Boris On The Telenovela La Traicion.


Peniche struggled as an actor for many years before reaching stardom. Although he graduated from the famous Televisa school of actors, he found himself competing against other actors such as Guillermo Capetillo, Andrés García, Jaime Garza and Salvador Pineda, among others.

Peniche acted in several commercials during that period, experience that would later on help him land top roles at Televisa's telenovelas. One commercial, in which he sells bracelets with supposedly special powers made him somewhat famous in Puerto Rico and other parts of Latin America.

His real break, however, came in 1990, when he filmed a telenovela named "Emperatriz" in Venezuela and later shot "María María", his only soap as the male lead in the country. Having gained extreme popularity in that country, Peniche returned to Mexico with a new contract by Televisa. In 1991, he played the male antagonist in "Valeria y Maximiliano", his first soap opera in his home country after doing some successful soaps in Venezuela.

His fame increased in 1992 when he participated in "Maria Mercedes", a soap opera which was a huge international hit and launched the career of Thalía. After "Maria Mercedes", Peniche took a break from filming telenovelas because his fame had reached levels that he didn't expect. However, he was still constantly on the public eye, thanks in part to magazines such as TV Novelas and others.

In 1995, he returned, filming a soap named "Morelia", which was co-produced by Univision and Televisa. Parts of "Morelia" were filmed in the United States, and it was also a public favorite. For the next several years, he continued to make major international hits such as "La Usurpadora" and "La Intrusa" with Venezuelan actress Gaby Spanic, and "Siempre te Amare", among others. Contrary to the first time that he became famous, Peniche felt more mature and comfortable with fame after his comeback; this helped him continue on landing top roles at Televisa's main soaps.



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