Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major

The Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major was a British five cylinder (later seven-cylinder), air-cooled, radial engine for aircraft use built in the UK, first run in 1928. It developed 140 hp (104 kW). In Royal Air Force use the seven cylinder version was known as the Civet I.

Variants and applications

Genet Major I

The Genet Major 1 was a five cylinder engine of 105 hp closely related to the Genet I but with increased bore and stroke.

Genet Major 1A (Civet I)

The Genet Major 1A (or Civet I in RAF service) was a seven cylinder development of the Genet Major I, nominally rated at 145 hp.

Genet Major III

As Genet Major IA but with cylinders using cast rocker boxes.

Genet Major IV

A geared propeller drive version of the Genet Major IA, 160 hp.

Specifications (Genet Major IA/Civet)

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