Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat ()is a North American manufacturer of snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. The company is based in Thief River Falls, MN.


David Johnson, Edgar Hetteen, and Allan Hetteen were partners in Hetteen Hoist and Derrick Shop in Roseau, Minnesota. They designed and built a machine in 1954 to travel over snow. This company eventually became known as Polaris Industries. Edgar left the company in June 1960 and started Polar Manufacturing in Thief River Falls. The company name later changed to Arctic Enterprises. Arctic Enterprises began producing Arctic Cat snowmobiles in 1960. They later expanded to purchase boat manufacturers such as Spirit Marine, Silver Line, Larson, and Lund. Spirit Marine produced the first Wetbike in 1978.

A snowless winter in 1980 and over-production forced Arctic Enterprises to scale back operations and close their boat manufacturing subsidiaries. Arctic Enterprises went bankrupt in 1981 and ceased production in 1982. In 1984, a new startup company was formed, called Arctco, to continue production of the Arctic Cat snowmobile line. In 1996, the company officially changed its name to Arctic Cat.

In 2003, ATV sales surpassed those of snowmobiles due to years of lighter snowfall.


Arctic Cat is most famous for the series of ZR snowmobiles, including the 440, 500, 580, 600, 700, 800 and 900. Arctic Cat was also famous for the well-known lake racer, the Thundercat, which was the most powerful stock snowmobile available in the 90's. Most ZR's and ZL's were replaced in 2003 by FireCat (F-Series) and in 2004 by the SaberCat, both featuring the cutting edge laydown engine. Big changes were made to the lineup for the 2007 model year; the F-Series chassis was replaced by the new twin-spar chassis in all the F models, as well as the new Z1 Jaguar, which features a 1100cc 4-stroke parallel twin. In 2009 the Z1 will be turbocharged to have 177 horsepower, 20 more H.P. than any other snowmobile (supertrax magazine). The SaberCat is out due to electric start and reverse now being available on diamond direct drive. The Crossfire and M-series, however, still remain on the same M-series chassis as last year. However, the liquid-cooled two-stroke engine packages have changed from 500, 600, and 700 laydowns to the all new 500, 600, 800 and 1000 cc models.

2008 models


  • F 120 (youth)
  • F 570
  • F5 EFI
  • F5 EFI LXR
  • F6 EFI
  • F6 EFI LXR
  • F6 EFI Sno Pro
  • F8 EFI
  • F8 EFI LXR
  • F8 EFI Sno Pro
  • F8 EFI Sno Pro Tony Stewart
  • F1000 EFI (4x4)
  • F1000 EFI LXR
  • F1000 EFI Sno Pro
  • Jaguar Z1 (4x4)
  • CrossFire 5
  • CrossFire 6
  • CrossFire 8
  • CrossFire 8 Sno Pro
  • CrossFire 1000
  • CrossFire 1000 Sno Pro
  • Panther 370
  • Panther 660 Touring
  • Bearcat 570
  • Bearcat 660 WideTrack
  • Bearcat 660 Turbo WideTrack Turbo
  • Bearcat 660 Turbo WideTrack Turbo Articulating Rail
  • T 570
  • T 500
  • TZ1 1100 LXR
  • M6 EFI 141
  • M6 EFI 153
  • M8 EFI 141
  • M8 EFI 153
  • M8 EFI 153 Sno Pro
  • M8 EFI 162
  • M1000 EFI 153
  • M1000 EFI 153 Sno Pro
  • M1000 EFI 162
  • M1000 EFI 162 Sno Pro@
  • Z 370
  • Z 570

All Terrain vehicles

Arctic Cat also manufactures a wide range of sport and utility ATVs (all terrain vehicles). The engines range in size from 90cc to 950cc, with 650cc H1, 700cc H1, and 950cc H2 engines being produced in Arctic's own facility. The 950cc engine makes it the biggest ATV yet. Arctic Cat has also introduced a new 686cc two-cylinder, the SOHC 4-stroke diesel engine. All other current gasoline engines are supplied by Suzuki and diesel engines by Lombardini. Arctic Cat ATVs all feature four stroke engines and full independent suspension without a sway bar - excluding DVX, youth and 250cc models, which have a rear swing arm.

2007 models


  • 90 2x4(youth)
  • 90 DVX 2x4(youth)
  • 250 2x4
  • 250 DVX(sport automatic)
  • 400 4x4 Automatic
  • 400 4x4 Automatic LE
  • 400 4x4
  • 400 4x4 Automatic TRV Plus
  • 400 DVX 2x4(sport)
  • 400 DVX LE Tony Stewart(sport)
  • 500 4x4 Automatic
  • 500 4x4
  • 700 EFI 4x4 Automatic
  • 700 H1 EFI 4x4 Automatic LE (new 2008)
  • 700 4x4 Diesel Automatic
  • 650 H1 4x4 Automatic
  • 650 H1 4x4 Automatic LE
  • 650 H1 4x4 Automatic TBX
  • 650 H1 4x4 Automatic TRV Plus
  • 650 H1 4x4 Automatic TRV Plus LE
  • 1000 Thunder cat atv (new 2008)
  • Prowler 650 H1
  • Prowler 650 H1 XT

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