[ey-ram, air-uhm]
Aram, ancient country and people centered in Damascus in S Syria between the 11th and 8th cent. B.C. The Bible records constant contacts between the Hebrews and Aram. The Aramaeans spoke Aramaic, which is a term that refers to a family of languages, of which Syriac is a part. Numerous passages in the Bible speak of Aramaean tribes living in Mesopotamia.
Aram, Eugene, 1704-59, English philologist, b. Yorkshire. A self-taught linguist, Aram was the first to identify the Celtic languages as related to the other languages of Europe. In 1758, while at work on an Anglo-Celtic lexicon, he was arrested and later hanged for the murder—14 years earlier—of his friend Daniel Clark. The story of his crime inspired Thomas Hood's poem The Dream of Eugene Aram, and Bulwer-Lytton's novel Eugene Aram.
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