Apress, Inc. is a publisher of information technology books, based in Berkeley, CA.

Apress was founded by authors Gary Cornell and Dan Appleman.

In 2003, Apress purchased much of the intellectual property of the designer-oriented publisher friends of ED.

Apress books, for the most part, are characterized by a uniform appearance on the shelf, with a distinctive yellow and black design. This uniformity was pioneered by the design of O'Reilly books, the first contemporary computer publisher to establish a visual presence in shops with a consistent design: however, MacDonald-Elsevier had anticipated this in the 1970s with a uniform design for its series "Monographs in Computer Science".

The uniformity of appearance of Apress books is balanced by a diversity of authorial voices and reasonable tolerance for authors' point of views.

On balance Apress titles are more Microsoft-centric than those of O'Reilly, but some of its most popular titles cover (see below) non-Microsoft subjects.

Their books are distributed worldwide by Springer-Verlag.

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