Apache Felix

Apache Felix is an open source implementation of the OSGi Release 4 core framework specification. The initial codebase was donated from the Oscar project at ObjectWeb. The developers have worked on Felix for a full year and have made various improvements while retaining footprint and performance. In June 21 2007, the project graduated from incubation as top level project and considered the smallest size software at Apache Software Foundation.

Running Felix

To run Apache Felix OSGi you need to download the felix-1.0.x.tar.gz or compressed file from the site. Once you have the Felix framework an uncompressed as JAR, from the command line type the following:

java -jar bin/felix.jar

Once this is running you will see an Enter profile name: prompt as shown below

Welcome to Felix.
Enter profile name:
This is the Felix console waiting for you to type the project name profile. It is a simple way to organize sets of installed bundles and any arbitrary name will suffice. Entering the same profile name for subsequent executions of Felix will restore the installed bundles associated with that profile.

After that, bundles are installed running and typing command like help from the console will display all available commands shown as following:

-> help
bundlelevel   ... |  - set or get bundle start level.
cd []                     - change or display base URL.
headers [ ...]                  - display bundle header properties.
help                                - display impl commands.
install  [ ...]           - install bundle(s).
obr help                            - OSGi bundle repository.
packages [ ...]                 - list exported packages.
ps [-l | -s | -u]                   - list installed bundles.
refresh [ ...]                  - refresh packages.
resolve [ ...]                  - attempt to resolve the specified bundles.
scr help                            - Declarative Services Runtime
services [-u] [-a] [ ...]       - list registered or used services.
shutdown                            - shutdown framework.
start  [  ...]         - start bundle(s).
startlevel []                - get or set framework start level.
stop  [ ...]                - stop bundle(s).
uninstall  [ ...]           - uninstall bundle(s).
update  []                 - update bundle.
version                             - display version of framework.

Projects Using Felix

The projects list below highlights the adoption Apache Felix


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