Aodh, Earl of Ross

Aodh of Ross, commonly known as Earl Hugh of Ross, was the third successor of Ferchar mac in tSagairt as Mormaer of Ross (1323-1333).

He was also Chief of Clan Ross.

Aodh was a favorite of King Robert I of Scotland, who endowed him with many lands. Aodh even married Robert's sister, Maud. Aodh's young brother, Iain, was given marriage to the Margaret Comyn, heiress of Buchan (although he died childless).

With Maud, Aodh had six children. Four of them were daughters, including Euphemia de Ross. All received prestigious marriage partners (including to the Counts of Buchan and Moray, to Mormaer Maol Íosa IV, Earl of Strathearn and the future king Robert II.

He was killed along many other Scottish nobles at the Battle of Halidon Hill on July 19, 1333, and was succeeded by his son and successor, Uilleam.


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