Anzoátegui State (In Spanish: Estado Anzoátegui), is one of the 23 component states of Venezuela, located in the northeastern region of the country. Its capital is the city of Barcelona. Anzoátegui is well known for its beautiful beaches that attract many visitors. Its coast consists of a single beach approximately 100 km long.


Named after the great hero of Venezuelan independence, José Antonio Anzoátegui (1789-1819), this state has its own history.

The city of Barcelona, which is currently the state's capital, was founded in 1677. The present state of Anzoátegui was included within the Province of Cumaná, which was itself part of the Captaincy General of Venezuela, along with some other provinces (Guayana, Maracaibo, Caracas, Margarita and Trinidad).

In 1810, it was separated from the province. However, it was in 1909 that it acquired the present political distribution.


Anzoátegui is located in the northeastern region of the country and is bordered by the states of Monagas and Sucre to the east, Bolivar to the south, Guarico to the west, Miranda to the northwest, and the Caribbean Sea to the north.


Based on the 2001 census information, the estimated population of Anzoátegui State in 2007 is 1,477,900 habitants.


Anzoátegui's economy is dominated by Venezuela's principal resource: oil. It houses the "Complejo Petroquímico de Jose", one of the biggest petrochemical facilities in Latin America. However, Anzoátegui also has thriving fishing and tourism industries.

Municipalities and municipal seats

Anzoáegui is comprehended by 21 municiplities (municipios), listed below:

  1. Anaco (Anaco)
  2. Aragua (Aragua de Barcelona)
  3. Diego Bautista Urbaneja (Lechería)
  4. Fernando de Peñalver (Puerto Píritu)
  5. Francisco de Carmen Carvajal (Valle de Guanape)
  6. Francisco de Miranda (Pariaguán)
  7. Guanta (Guanta)
  8. Independencia (Soledad)
  9. José Gregorio Monagas (Mapire)
  10. Juan Antonio Sotillo (Puerto la Cruz)
  11. Juan Manuel Cajigal (Onoto)
  12. Libertad (San Mateo)
  13. Manuel Ezequiel Bruzual (Clarines)
  14. Pedro María Freites (Cantaura)
  15. Píritu (Píritu)
  16. San José de Guanipa (San José de Guanipa/El Tigrito)
  17. San Juan de Capistrano (Boca de Uchire)
  18. Santa Ana (Santa Ana)
  19. Simón Bolívar (Barcelona)
  20. Simón Rodríguez (El Tigre)
  21. Sir Arthur McGregor (El Chaparro)

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