Andromeda Software Development

Andromeda Software Development (or simply ASD) is a Greek demogroup that was formed in 1992. They produced a number of small intros and demos in the mid 1990s for the PC, most notably CounterFactual (winner of the first Greek demo party ever, The Gardening 1995) and Beyond (Placed 4th in The Gardening 1996). ASD was quiet for the following years until 2001, when they presented Cadence & Cascade - their first accelerated demo - and won the Digital Nexus demoparty, held in Athens, Greece.

From 2002 onwards, ASD started participating in major demoscene competitions, eventually winning the Assembly 2005 demo competition with Iconoclast.

ASD is not associated with the former Norwegian demo group Andromeda, however, ASD collaborated with Archmage of Andromeda for the production of their 2007 Assembly demo competition winner LifeForce


In the accelerated era, ASD established themselves as a demogroup with an extremely distinctive style. Visually, their demos featured dynamic coherent flows of abstract visual elements subtly blending into each other in various unexpected ways, often to the point where the viewer wouldn't be able to distinguish the start- and endpoints of an effect. This led to many debates considering the demos, some viewers praise this type of design, while others consider this an unnecessarily amalgam of otherwise unrelated visual effects.

Musically from Dreamchild, the two musicians of the group (aMUSiC and Leviathan), permanently ventured into the territory of progressive metal, akin to commercial bands such as Dream Theater or Liquid Tension Experiment. Their songs often feature live instruments, variating tempo and time signatures, constantly changing musical textures and a showcase of remarkable proficiency by the two composers. This, again, was a subject of debate among demoscene circles; as with the aforementioned bands, this musical genre was often found pompous and overwrought.


Active members

Former / Inactive / Guest members

  • Incus - Code
  • Nina - Code and PR
  • Odette - Modelling
  • Liska - Vocals
  • Matilda - Vocals
  • Ars Nova - 2D Graphics
  • Pindaros - Music


MS-DOS era

  • Demo5 - (1992)
  • Cosmos BBS demos series 1-7 - A series of demos released between 1993-1995
  • Vertex megademo - (1993)
  • Digital dreams - (1993)
  • Counter Factual - Finished 1st at The Gardening 1995
  • Beyond - Finished 4th at The Gardening 1996

Windows era


  • Awards 2003 - Best Soundtrack nomination (Dreamchild)
  • Awards 2003 - Public's Choice nomination (Dreamchild)
  • Awards 2004 - Best Demo award (Planet Risk)
  • Awards 2004 - Best Soundtrack nomination (Planet Risk)
  • Awards 2004 - Best Effects nomination (Planet Risk)
  • Awards 2004 - Public's Choice award (Planet Risk)
  • Awards 2005 - Best Demo nomination (Iconoclast)
  • Awards 2005 - Best Effects nomination (Iconoclast)
  • Awards 2005 - Best Soundtrack nomination (Iconoclast)
  • Awards 2005 - Best Direction nomination (Iconoclast)
  • Awards 2005 - Public's Choice award (Iconoclast)
  • Awards 2006 - Best Soundtrack nomination (Animal Attraction)
  • Awards 2006 - Best Effects award (The Evolution of Vision)
  • Awards 2006 - Most Original Concept nomination (The Evolution of Vision)
  • Awards 2006 - Most Original Concept nomination (Captive)
  • Awards 2006 - Public's Choice nomination (Animal Attraction)
  • Awards 2007 - Best Demo award (Lifeforce)
  • Awards 2007 - Best Effects award (Lifeforce)
  • Awards 2007 - Public's Choice award (Lifeforce)
  • Awards 2007 - Best Direction nomination (Lifeforce)
  • Awards 2007 - Best Direction nomination (Beyond the walls of Eryx)
  • Awards 2007 - Most original concept nomination (Beyond the walls of Eryx)
  • Awards 2007 - Best graphics nomination (Lifeforce)
  • Awards 2007 - Best Soundtrack nomination (Lifeforce)
  • FMX 2006 - Best Realtime Demo nomination (Iconoclast)
  • Bitfilm Festival 2008 - Winner in realtime category (Lifeforce)

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