Andrew Loomis

William Andrew Loomis (1892-1959) was an illustrator from the United States. He was born in New York, but spent most of his working life in Chicago. He is best remembered now for a series of art instruction books that continues to influence realist artists, though they are in 2004 all out of print, except for some excerpts available from the art publisher Walter Foster. The Loomis family, who still holds the copyrights to all the books published by Andrew Loomis, has not expressed any intention of re-printing any of his work in recent days despite popular demand.

Books by Andrew Loomis

  1. Fun With a Pencil (1939)
  2. Figure Drawing For All It's Worth (1943)
  3. Creative Illustration (1947)
  4. Successful Drawing (1951) This book was also republished in a revised edition as Three Dimensional Drawing.
  5. Drawing The Head And Hands (1956)
  6. The Eye Of The Painter (1961)

All the books written by Andrew Loomis are helpful to the beginners in art in any aspect: He presents the problems of anatomy, movement, balance, expression, technique and of course, he significantly emphasises the importance of creativity in every artist's work.


Noted comic book artist Alex Ross, among others, has cited the influence of Loomis on his style. Another who was influenced is artist Steve Rude who named one of the characters he drew in the Nexus comic book "General Loomis". When the General was executed by Nexus, his daughters, the Loomis Sisters, vowed revenge.


Some fans of the Loomis collection consider publisher Walter Foster's excerpts limited in scope and educational value. It is considered best to read any of the Loomis books in entirety. Although out of print, digital versions of the books can be found on various websites.

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