America Redeemers

The America Redeemers, or Redeemers, as the team is more commonly known, is a fictional organization in the Marvel Universe. The Redeemers existed in the Earth-712 universe, the same place from which the Squadron Supreme originated. The team was founded by Nighthawk as a response to the Squadron’s Utopia Program.

When the Squadron Supreme began to alter the minds of criminals using the Behavior Modification process invented by Tom Thumb and took over much of the world, Nighthawk objected to the extreme methods the Squadron was using to achieve its goals, and left the group. He began to form a group of rebels, known as the America Redeemers, to oppose the Squadron’s “benevolent” tyranny. He recruited five unknown superhumans to infiltrate the ranks of the Squadron Supreme: Redstone, Moonglow, Inertia, Haywire, and Thermite. He also approached three of his enemies and offered them the opportunity to join the Redeemers, which they accepted: Mink (who was actually in love with Nighthawk), Remnant, and Pinball. Expelled Squadron member the Black Archer joined with the Redeemers as well.

Nighthawk also made a deal with Hyperion's nemesis Master Menace, who supplied the Redeemers with a way to reverse the brainwashing technology that the Squadron had used on its captured foes, the Institute of Evil, who had been allowed to join the Squadron after their brainwashing. With the Behavior Modification of Foxfire, Lamprey, and the Shape reversed, Nighthawk recruited them into his group. These three agents also remained in the Squadron as double agents.

When the Redeemers finally confronted the Squadron Supreme, an all-out battle broke out. During the battle, Blue Eagle killed the Black Archer by fatally fracturing the Archer’s skull with his mace, but lost the use of his wings after Lamprey drained the artificial gravity effect from them. Blue Eagle fell and crashed into Pinball, breaking his own neck and shattering Pinball’s spine; both combatants died as a result of their injuries. Lamprey tried to absorb Doctor Spectrum’s power, but was killed instead when Doctor Spectrum was able to overload Lamprey’s power. Thermite was killed when his regulator pack was damaged in a collision with the Whizzer. Arcanna, who was pregnant, went into labor during the climactic battle.

Foxfire, who had long been in love with Doctor Spectrum, tried to gain his approval by betraying Nighthawk, to allow the Squadron to win the fight. She used her powers to kill Nighthawk by blasting his heart and causing a massive coronary. The Mink, who had been in love with Nighthawk, killed Foxfire in retaliation. The death of Nighthawk caused the Squadron members to realize that they had become the very thing that they had intended to oppose, and thus ended the fight.

Haywire, Inertia, Moonglow, Redstone, and the Shape rejoined the Squadron Supreme after the Redeemers disbanded. Mink and Remnant disappeared and have not been heard from since.

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