AlterNet, a project of the non-profit Independent Media Institute, is a progressive/liberal news and opinion website that was launched in 1998 and claims a readership of over 1.7 million visitors per month.. It has been described by NPR as a "left-liberal news and opinion site". It publishes original content as well as journalism from a wide variety of other sources. AlterNet states that its mission is to "inspire citizen action and advocacy on the environment, human rights and civil liberties, social justice, media, and health care issues."

AlterNet's tagline is "The Mix is the Message."

Editorial philosophy and coverage

AlterNet publishes a combination of policy critiques, investigative reports and analysis, grassroots success stories and personal narratives. Their coverage emphasizes the discovery of workable solutions to social problems, and their editorial philosophy is "to uphold a commitment to fairness, equality and global stewardship, while making connections across generational, ethnic and issue lines."

Coverage is sub-divided into several categories, including Drug Reporter, EnviroHealth, ForeignPolicy, MediaCulture, Movie Mix, Rights & Liberties, War on Iraq, WireTap & WorkPlace.





  • Don Hazen, executive director (IMI), executive editor (AlterNet)
  • Liz Mullaney, associate publisher
  • Jan Frel, Senior Editor
  • Heather Gehlert, managing editor
  • Tara Lohan, managing editor
  • Adam Howard, associate editor and writer of PEEK


According to the guidestar, the top ten financial backers of the Independent Media Institute, over the record-keeping period from 2001-2005, are as follows:

Each private foundation is extremely opaque and it is very difficult to discover who is putting the money in. In 2006, the net revenue for the Independent Media Institute was $1,264,748. Don Hazen's salary, according to Form 990, 2006, is $110,000 a year, and none of the other board positions are paid. (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary and four other Directors).

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