Alexander Montgomerie, 10th Earl of Eglinton

Alexander Montgomerie, 10th Earl of Eglinton, (February 10, 1723October 25, 1769). Son of the 9th Earl of Eglinton. Grand Master Mason of the Grand Lodge of Scotland 1750-51.

Planned and built the conservation village of Eaglesham, Scotland in 1769. The Earl introduced the young James Boswell to the joys of London society in the early 1760s, and figures prominently in Boswells London Journal 1762-63.

The Earl was shot on his own estate near Ardrossan by excise officer Mungo Campbell on October 24, 1769 following a dispute about the latters right to bear arms on the Earls grounds. He died from his wounds on the next day. Campbell was convicted of murder but died by his own hand before the sentence could be carried out.



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