Aktobe Province

Aktobe (Ақтөбе облысы) is a province of Kazakhstan. The Aktobe provincial capital is the city of Aktobe, with a population of more than 340,000. The province itself has a population 678,900. The area of the province is 300,600 square kilometers, making it the second largest province of Kazakhstan, after Karagandy Province. Aktobe Province borders Russia to the north and Uzbekistan to the south, and also borders six other Kazakh provinces: Atyrau Province, Mangystau Province, Karagandy Province, Kostanay Province, Kyzylorda Province, and West Kazakhstan Province. The Ilek River, a tributary of the Ural River, flows through the province. The name "Aktobe" comes from Kazakh "Ақ" (white) and "төбе" (hill); supposedly Aktobe's initial settlers were able to see white mountains far to the north.

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