Ahmad Pejman

Ahmad Pejman is an Iranian classical composer who resides in the United States

Professional Training

Born in 1937 in Laar, Iran, Ahmad Pejman was exposed to the sounds and exotic rhythms of southern Iran from early childhood. While in high school he started his violin lessons with Heshmat Sanjari and music theory with Hossein Nassehi. A violinist with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra as a young man, he was awarded a scholorship to study composition at the Music Academy in Vienna. He studied composition with Thomas Christian David, Alfred Uhi, and Hans Jelineck. As a first year student at the Academy, Pejman's compositions were performed by The Vienna Chamber Orchestra and his orchestral work "Rhapsody" was performed by the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra. In his second year as a student, he was commissioned to write the first Persian Opera "Rustic Festival" for the opening of the Tehran Opera house, Rudaki Hall. Upon graduation from the Academy of Music in Vienna, Pejman returned to his native country Iran in 1969.

He entered Columbia University's Doctorate of Music program in New York in 1976 and continued his studies with Nusiant Arel, Vladimir Ushachevsky and Jack Beeson.

Contemporary Works

Today, Ahmad Pejman is one of Iran's most prolific composers. He has written symphonies, operas, film scores and popular music for Pop icons such as Dariush. His works include Pieces for Saba Ensemble and Symphonic Orchestra (conducted by Hossein Dehlavi), Rhapsody for Symphonic Orchestra, Sonata for Piano, Farsian Overture for the Harvester Ceremony Opera, Lightning Ballet, Samandar opera, Seven Hurdles of Rostam, Hamasseh (performed by the London National Orchestra conducted by Pejman) and Khorramshahr piece. In cinema, he has composed a number of film and TV scores. "Baran" (2001),(Majid Majidi), "Smell of Camphor and Fragrance of Jasmine" (Bahman Farmanara), "Blue Scarf" (Rakhshan Bani Etemad) and "Warriors of Tangestan" are among his major compositions. He resides in Los Angeles, California. His son, Bob Pejman aka Babak Pejman is a contemporary artist who resides in the United States and paints in a style called romantic realism.


(2000s) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s)

Yek boos-e koochooloo (2005)

Beed-e majnoon (2005)

Prostitution bag sløret (2004) (as Ahmad Pejman)

Mystic Iran: The Unseen World (2002) Khanei ruye ab (2002)

Baran (2001)

Booye kafoor, atre yas (2000)

Friendly Persuasion: Iranian Cinema After the 1979 Revolution (2000)

Rusari Abi (1995) Zinat (1994)

Honarpisheh (1993)

Veiled Threat (1989)

Checkpoint (1987)

Sayehaye bolande bad (1979)

Sakhte Iran (1978)

Shazdeh Ehtejab (1974)

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