Jack Allen (Adventures in Odyssey)

Jack Allen is a major character in the Christian-themed radio drama/comedy Adventures in Odyssey, voiced by Alan Young (famous as the voice of Scrooge McDuck). Jack, as he is known to most AIO characters, is a quiet, kind, level-headed older man; during his first several seasons on the show, he was a widower; however, he later marries Joanne Woodston. Because Jack was childhood friends with AIO main character John Avery Whittaker, his youth is featured in a number of episodes.

Jack originally came to Odyssey in the 2-part episodes #280: "Gone..." and #281: ". . . But Not Forgotten" filling in for the loss of Whit (the voice actor Hal Smith, famous as Otis on The Andy Griffith Show had died). For a number of years, he co-manages "Whit's End", but eventually he and Joanne open the "J & J Antique Gallery".

Jack is known for his passive nature, preferring to remain behind-the-scenes rather than take aggressive action or confront enemies. This attitude is displayed by his actions in the Blackgaard saga and the Novacom saga. Jack's personality often clashes with that of Jason Whittaker, with whom he co-managed "Whit's End" for a time; while Jason wants to implement the latest technology and take numerous risks, Jack urges caution. Despite their differences, the two remain friends, even sharing a house for much of the series.

Jack is also known for his frequent premonitory dreams.

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