Adamantios Sampson

Adamantios Sampson is an archaeologist from Rhodes, Greece. He works as an Inspector of Antiquities for the Greek Administration of Antiquity. He is specialised in research on prehistoric (Neolithic and Mesolithic) sites in southern Greece. Among the sites he has studied are the "Cave of Cyclope" on the islet of Youra near Alonnisos in the Sporades; the islet of Gyali near Nisyros, and the "Cave of the Lakes" near Kalavryta in the Peloponnese. Among his best-known finds are the so-called Youra Potsherds, prehistoric pottery fragments incised with markings that some people believe resemble letters of the Greek alphabet.

Published works

  • 1995 - "Σκοπέλου Λαικός Πολιτισμός" ('The Folk Culture of Skopelos') Skopelos: Folk Museum of Skopelos.
  • 1996 - "Excavation at the Cave of Cyclope, Youra". In E. Alram-Stern, ed., Die Agaische Frühzeit (2. serie). Forschungsbericht 1975-1993. Wien. pp. 507-520.
  • 1997 - Η εθνοαρχαιολογία του Γυαλιού της Νισύρου: Εποχικές μετακινήσεις στα νησιά του ΝΑ Αιγαίου ('The Ethnoarchaeology of Gyali (Nisyros): Periodic Migrations in the Islands of the Southeast Aegaean'). Athens: Dodecanesian Society for Literature and Arts.
  • 1997 - Το σπήλαιο των Λημνών στα Κάστρια Καλαβρύτων: Μια προιστορική θέση στην ορεινή Πελοπόννησο ('The Cave of the Lakes at Kastria Kalvryta: A Prehistoric Site in the Mountains of the Peloponnese'). Athens: Society of Peloponnesian Studies.
  • 1998 - "The Neolithic and Mesolithic occupation of the Cave of Cyclope, Youra, Alonnessos, Greece". BSA 93.

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