Acklington Park

Acklington Park in the parish of Warkworth, Northumberland, England was the birthplace of John Rushworth (born c.1612) who achieved fame in both England and during the formation of the United States of America for compiling a series of works called Historical Collections covering the English Civil Wars throughout the 1600s. His writings became a part of the library of Thomas Jefferson and the second Library of Congress.

Edward Miller (1915-2000) was born at Acklington Park, the son of a shepherd. He attended King Edward VI Grammar School in Morpeth and went on to excel at Cambridge, specialising in mediaeval history. Having grown up on a farm, he was drawn to questions of mediaeval agriculture and the peasants whose labour had sustained the clergy.

After a professorship at the University of Sheffield he returned to Cambridge to be master of Fitzwilliam College (1971-81), chairing the Victoria county history committee and the History of Parliament Trust. With John Hatcher, he wrote Medieval England: Rural Society and Economic Change, 1086-1348 (1978), which soon became a standard work for students. A companion volume by the same authors Medieval England: Towns, Commerce and Crafts, 1086-1348 appeared in 1995. Miller was co-editor of the second edition of volume 2 (1987) of the Cambridge Economic History of Europe and editor of the third volume (1991) of the Agrarian History of England and Wales covering the period 1348-1500.

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