Aaron Barrett

Aaron Asher Barrett (born August 30, 1974) is an American musician. He is the lead singer, lead guitarist, and primary songwriter for the ska-punk band Reel Big Fish. Prior to forming with Reel Big Fish, Barrett played trombone in another ska-punk act, The Scholars, along with future Reel Big Fish bandmates Scott Klopfenstein and Grant Barry. More recently he formed The Forces of Evil with former members of Jeffries Fan Club, The Scholars and Lone Raspberry. In terms of sound, The Forces of Evil sounded similar to Barrett's main band although lyrically, were much more negative and pessimistic. The Forces Of Evil appeared to cease touring and playing in early 2005, although members have gone on to play with Reel Big Fish.

Barrett is also featured in Serious Awesomeness, a DVD by The Aquabats, interviewing attendees of an Aquabats show outside of The Glass House in Pomona, California, calling himself "Joe Famous" and is also seen briefly on stage with the band. He also did backing vocals on "Irie", a song by The Hippos featured on their album Forget the World. He made a cameo appearance in the music video for "Come Back Home" by Suburban Legends.

Barrett gained notoriety in 2004 when he appeared onstage with Reel Big Fish at a concert in Syracuse, apparently intoxicated. After around 45 minutes, Barrett flew into a frenzy mid-song, destroying equipment onstage and leaving the venue. Barrett later referenced the incident in a blog entry. The show was also reviewed by

Personal information

Born in San Bernardino County, California, Barrett married actress Molly Torrence in Las Vegas in July 2004.

He has a tattoo of a skull and crossbones on the back of his arms.

Stage equipment

Barrett plays a variety of guitars. Of his more famous guitars are his white Gibson Les Paul with a black pick guard, complete with a decal of the devil smoking a cigar on the body (this guitar is now owned by Brian Klemm of Suburban Legends); his black, sticker slapped Gibson SG; his U.K. made Gordon Smith Graduate. In a fan interview he stated that the reason he currently, as of 2007, plays a student-level Epiphone Les Paul was because he broke the headstock off of his Gibson and was not able to come up with the money fast enough for the tour. On their live DVD commentary, Barrett comments that he paid $2000 for his Gordon Smith, and it is the best sounding guitar he has ever had. In the video for "Take on Me" Barrett plays a blue double-neck Ibanez guitar which also appears on the cover of the album Why Do They Rock So Hard? as a silhouette.

He also plays an Ibanez guitar in the videos for "Everything Sucks", "Sell Out" and "She Has A Girlfriend Now". He is also shown to be playing an Ibanez on the sleeve of Reel Big Fish's first album Everything Sucks. On tour recently he has been playing an Epiphone Les Paul.

His effects pedals include: A Dunlop Cry Baby 95Q wah pedal, a Marshall GV2 Guv'nor Plus Distortion Pedal, an Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tubescreamer, a Boss DD-6, and a Seymour Duncan SFX-01 Pickup Booster.

Other projects

In the commentary of the Reel Big Fish live DVD Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album, Matt Wong says that Barrett once auditioned to be the guitarist of Limp Bizkit.

Aaron Barrett is also an Aquacadet, a member of the The Aquabats official fan legion; he can be seen wearing a cadet patch in the music video for Reel Big Fish's "Party Down."

In 2006, Aaron Barrett began recording and producing Southern California ska bands with engineer David Irish. So far he has recorded two bands (Chase Long Beach and Half Past Two) and it has been announced that Half Past Two's full-length album will soon be recorded.


Full-Length Albums


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