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Aaargh! is a computer game in which the player controls a giant monster, either an Ogre or a Lizard, with the goal of crushing and destroying everything in its path, across different lands and periods of history. The goal was to find five Roc's eggs hidden among the destroyed scenery. Once an egg was uncovered, the two monsters would fight for possession of the egg in a one-on-one battle. When five eggs were found, the monsters made their way to the volcano, working their way around the lava flows to reach the top and claim the Golden Egg for the ultimate victory.

It was programmed by Steve Coleman and the artwork was by Joe Hitchens.

The game inspired by the arcade game Rampage and was designed for Mastertronic's Arcadia system, an arcade machine based around the custom hardware of the Amiga, making its eventual conversion to that machine relatively straightforward. Other ports received mixed reviews.

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