ACDSee is a shareware image organizer software for Windows developed by ACD Systems.


Photo Manager With version ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 (ACDSee 11.0) and ACDSee Pro 2.5 unicode support has been added. Besides the usual thumbnail viewing of folders and file type conversion, key features of ACDSee include slideshow presentations, CD/DVD burning, HTML gallery creation, image folder synchronization and editing/indexing of image metadata such as Exif. It is also possible to do minor image manipulation like cropping, scaling and rotating. ACDSee 10 Photo Manager retails at US$49.99. ACDSee is available in separate versions for English, German, Dutch and French. There is also an enhanced version which is dubbed ACDSee Pro. It has an own version numbering (the current version is 2.0) and is offered for 129.99 US$.Photo Editor This recently introduced product allows the user to perform tasks such as writing text on image, resizing, embellishments, and creating other visual effects. Like Photo Manager, Photo Editor retails for US$49.99.

Older products

  • ACDSee Powerpack was a package consisting of the ACDSee image organizer and several additional programs:
    • FotoCanvas: an image editor
    • FotoAngelo: a slide show creation software
    • PicaView: an extension for viewing images in the explorer context menu
    • ImageFox: an extension to view images in the file open and save dialog
    • FotoVac: a mass image downloader for downloading pictures from usenet newsgroups
    • FotoSlate: a software for enhanced printing features
  • ACDSee Classic was ACDSee32 rebranded for customers that did not want to upgrade to the new feature rich products. It offered: image viewer, thumbnail browser, image organizer, slideshow presenter, format conversion, and JPEG lossless rotation features. The last version released was 2.44. No longer supported, but may still be available in some locations.
  • ACDSee 32 was the original image viewing and organizing program, released as version 1.0 in January 1997. Version 2.42 was rebranded ACDSee Classic in March 2000. No longer supported.


ACDSee has faced criticism because Section 2.7 of its EULA ("Use Restrictions"), forbids the use of the software to display pornography, among other things.

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