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The A23 road, in its original form, was a major road in the United Kingdom running between London and Brighton, East Sussex. It became an arterial route between these two places following the construction of Westminster Bridge in 1750 and the consequent improvement of roads leading to the bridge south of the river by the Turnpike Trusts. The increase in population of Brighton in the late eighteenth century, which transformed it from a small fishing village to a large seaside resort, enhanced the importance of this route, as did the residence there of George IV, as Prince of Wales, who made Brighton into a place of fashion. Today the original A23 has been bypassed round Croydon; and by the M23 motorway for the section of its route between Hooley and Crawley.

The 53-mile route from London to Brighton forms the basis of the route of the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. This is featured in the film Genevieve although in the film most of the rural motoring scenes were actually shot in Buckinghamshire. The A23 is also used for other various other London to Brighton events.

The route

Main roads running from the centre of London are always deemed to start from Charing Cross, although the A23 itself begins as Westminster Bridge Road near Waterloo station. Almost immediately it turns south; the straightness of much of the heading south belies its Roman origins.

The road becomes:

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