3 (The X-Files)

"3" was the seventh episode of the second season of The X-Files science-fiction television series created by Chris Carter.


After a series of vampiric murders in Los Angeles Mulder is on the trail of three vampires, the father, son and unholy spirit. As the final victims are selected Mulder must find them before they disappear forever. Meanwhile Mulder is still concerned for Scully's safety after her apparent abduction.


  • In an early scene, the words "John 52:54" appear written in blood on a wall. Mulder acknowledges the Bible reference and quotes the verse. However, the Gospel of John only has 21 chapters, and the verse Mulder quotes is actually John 6:54.
  • Perrey Reeves who played Kristan Kilar was dating David Duchovny at the time of production.
  • This is the first episode not to feature Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully. There are only 3 other episodes without her in the show's run: "Zero Sum", "Unusual Suspects" and "Travelers".
  • Ken Kramer, from episodes "War of the Coprophages" and "The Erlenmeyer Flask", also appears in this episode.
  • Scully's picture on the FBI ID Mulder puts together with the X-file on her abduction is different from the ID shown in the opening credits.
  • This episode was mentioned in Pure Pwnage episode 12.
  • In the scene where Mulder meets character Kristen Kilar in Club Tepes, the song "The Unheard Music" by LA based punk band X can be heard playing in the background. Several other X songs have been featured in The X-Files and Millennium, prompting some to suspect Chris Carter is a fan of the band.

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