315 BC


By place

Macedonian Empire

  • Antigonus claims authority over most of Asia, seizes the treasury at Susa and enters Babylon, where Seleucus is governor. Seleucus flees to Ptolemy in Egypt and enters into a league with him, Lysimachus (the ruler of Thrace) and Cassander against Antigonus. This leads to the First Coalition War.
  • Peithon consolidates his power base in the eastern part of the Empire.


  • Polyperchon flees to the Peloponnesus, where he still controls a few strong points, and allies himself with Antigonus, who has by now fallen out with his former allies.
  • Antigonus drives out Cassander's Macedonian forces of occupation from the Greek islands and forms the island cities in the Aegean into the "League of the Islanders", preparatory to his invasion of Greece. His ally, the city of Rhodes, furnishes him with the necessary fleet.
  • The King of Epirus, Aeacides, faces a revolt from his people and they drive him from the kingdom. His son, Phyrrhus, who is then only two years old, is saved from being killed by some faithful servants. Cassander takes control of Epirus.
  • The Macedonian port city of Thessalonica is founded by Cassander and named after his wife Thessaloniki.


  • Ptolemy's armies fight supporters of Antigonus in Cyprus. Ptolemy is able to re-conquer the island.



  • Aratus, Macedonian Greek mathematician, astronomer, meteorologist, botanist and poet (d. 240 BC)


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