20th Century Fox Television

Twentieth Century Fox Television, Inc. (on-logo as 20th Century Fox Television) is the television production division of the 20th Century Fox movie studio, a subsidiary of News Corporation. Twentieth Television (also spelled 20th Television) is a separate distribution arm overseen by News Corp.'s Fox Television Stations Group, although it uses a variant of the studio logo.

20th Century Fox Television was founded in 1949 as other studios were branching out into television production as well. At that time, the company was known as TCF Television Productions, Inc. until 1955. The logo from 1960 to 1992 seemed to suggest that the division was called 20th Television Fox, but this was untrue. TCFT absorbed the operations of TV production companies Metromedia Producers Corporation in 1986 and MTM Enterprises in 1998, and is the current distributor for most of the shows originally produced by the two companies.

Since 1986, TCFT has produced the bulk of series airing on the Fox network, including The Simpsons. Twentieth Television produced the first two series that aired on Fox's sister network, MyNetworkTV: Desire and Fashion House.

From 1993 to 1994, the 20th Television logo was used to represent 20th Century Fox Television, though as stated, these were separate entities.

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