206 BC


By place

Roman Republic


  • Hasdrubal Gisco retreats to the coast and then crosses to North Africa, where he gives his daughter in marriage to Syphax, king of the Numidian Masaesyles tribe, to formalize their military alliance.
  • After being an ally of Carthage and fighting with them, Numidian chieftain, Masinissa switches sides when the Carthaginians are driven from Spain and offers to assist Rome. Syphax expels his rival Masinissa and claims himself to be King of Numidia. The Romans support Masinissa's claim to the Numidian throne against Syphax, the pro-Carthaginian ruler of the Massaesyli tribe.



  • The war between Macedonia and Rome drags on with no decided advantage to either side. Rome's interest lies not in conquest, but in keeping Macedon, the Greek city-states and Greek political leagues continually divided and non-threatening.
  • Philip V of Macedon is able to take advantage of Roman inactivity. After sacking Thermum, the religious and political centre of Aetolia, Philip is able to force the Aetolians to accept a peace treaty based on his terms.


  • Ziying, ruler of the Qin Dynasty, surrenders to Liu Bang, leader of a popular revolt. This marks the end of the Qin Dynasty and the principality that would later become the Han Dynasty established by Liu. However, in order to secure his position throughout China, Liu Bang becomes engaged in a civil war with the warlord, general Xiang Yu, until 202 BC, known as the Chu-Han contention.




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