2009 Baseball World Cup

The 2009 Baseball World Cup is set to be held in 7 countries in Europe from September 9 to the 26th with 22 teams from around the world participating.

Phase 1 will involve 20 teams in 5 countries, and Phase 2 will involve 16 teams in 2 countries. Then the final medal phase will be held in Rome, Italy.

The host countries for Phase 1 are: Spain (Barcelona), Germany (Regensburg), Sweden (Stockholm), Czech Republic (Prague) and Russia (Moscow).

Phase 2 will be played in Italy and the Netherlands, involving the cities of Parma, Rimini, Bologna for Pool Italy and Haarlem, Rotterdam, Amsterdam for Pool Netherlands.


Phase 1

Group A, Prague Group B, Barcelona Group C, Stockholm Group D, Moscow Group E, Regensburg

The champions from Groups A and C, the runner-up teams of groups A, C, D and E and the second seeded amongst the third place teams, will advance tot the second phase to play in Pool Italy. The champions from Groups B, D and E, the runner-up team of group B and the first, third and fourth seeded amongst the third place teams, will advance tot the second phase to play in Pool Netherlands.

Phase 2

Pool Italy Pool Netherlands
Champion from Group A Champion from Group B
Champion from Group C Champion from Group D
Runner-up from Group A Champion from Group E
Runner-up from Group C Runner-up from Group B
Runner-up from Group D First seeded amongst third place
Runner-up from Group E Third seeded amongst third place
Second seeded amongst third place Fourth seeded amongst third place

Final Medal Phase

8 teams

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