1954 World Series

The 1954 World Series matched the National League champion New York Giants against the American League champion Cleveland Indians. The Giants swept the Series in 4 games to win their first championship since 1933, defeating the heavily favored Indians, who had won an AL-record 111 games in the regular season. The Series is perhaps best-remembered for "The Catch", a sensational running catch made by Giants center fielder Willie Mays in Game 1, snaring a long drive by Vic Wertz near the outfield wall with his back to the infield. It is also remembered for utility player Dusty Rhodes' clutch hitting in three of the four games. Giants manager Leo Durocher won his only title among the three pennants he captured in his career. As of 2007, it remains the last World Series victory for the Giants.

This was the first time the Cleveland Indians had been swept in a World Series and the first time the New York Giants had swept an opponent without qualification. They had won four games without a loss in the 1922 World Series, but there was also one tied game.


The Indians, by winning the American League pennant, kept the Yankees from winning their sixth straight series. The last time the Yankees had not won the series or pennant beforehand was 1948, when, again, the Indians kept them out (although that year, they won the Series). It was also the only World Series from 1949 to 1958 which did not feature the Yankees.


NL New York Giants (4) vs. AL Cleveland Indians (0)
Game Score Date Location Attendance
1 Cleveland Indians - 2, New York Giants - 5 (10 innings) September 29 Polo Grounds IV 52,751
2 Cleveland Indians - 1, New York Giants - 3 September 30 Polo Grounds IV 49,099
3 New York Giants - 6, Cleveland Indians - 2 October 1 Cleveland Stadium 71,555
4 New York Giants - 7, Cleveland Indians - 4 October 2 Cleveland Stadium 78,102


Game 1

Wednesday, September 29, 1954 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Game 2

Thursday, September 30, 1954 at Polo Grounds (IV) in New York, New York

Game 3

Friday, October 1, 1954 at Cleveland Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio

Game 4

Saturday, October 2, 1954 at Cleveland Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio

Composite Box

1954 World Series (4-0): New York Giants (N.L.) over Cleveland Indians (A.L.)

Quotes of the series

There's a long drive, waaay back in center field, way back, back, it is... CAAAUGHT by Willie Mays! ... The runner on second, Doby, is able to tag up and go to third; Willie Mays just brought this crowd to its feet, with a catch... which must have been an optical illusion to a lot of people. Boy! - Jack Brickhouse of NBC Television calling Willie May's catch off Vic Wertz's drive to deep center field in game one.




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