Year 1375 was a common year starting on Monday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.

Events of 1375


  • Coluccio Salutati is appointed Chancellor of Florence.
  • Heirin-ji Temple is built near Tokyo.
  • Hundred Years' War: The English, weakened by the plague, lose so much ground to the French that they agree to sign the Treaty of Bruges, leaving them with only the coastal towns of Calais, Bordeaux and Bayonne.
  • Petru I succeeds his father, Costea, as ruler of Moldavia (now Moldova & eastern Romania).
  • The Russian town of Kostroma is destroyed by the ushkuinik pirates from Novgorod.
  • Mujahid Shah succeeds his father, Mohammad Shah I, as Sultan of the Bahmanid Empire in Deccan, southern India.
  • Moscow & Tver sign a truce. Tver agrees to help Moscow fight the Blue Horde.
  • In Nanjing, capital of the Ming Dynasty of China, a bureau secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Ru Taisu, sends a 17,000 character-long memorial to the throne, to be read aloud to the Hongwu Emperor. By the 16,370th character, the emperor has been offended by several passages, and has Ru Taisu summoned to court and flogged for the perceived insult. The next day, having had the remaining characters read to him, he likes four of Ru's recommendations, and instates these in reforms. Ru is nevertheless castigated for having forced the emperor to hear thousands of characters before getting to the part with true substance. The last 500 characters are elevated in court as the model-type memorial that all officials should aspire to create while writing their own.



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