Çetin Altan

Çetin Altan, (b. 22 June, 1927, Istanbul) is a Turkish writer, journalist, and a former member of parliament.


After graduating from Galatasaray Lisesi, he received BA in Law in Ankara University. His first book was published in 1946. Altan accepted Abdi İpekçi's offer in 1959 and became a journalist in Milliyet. Then he worked in the newspapers Akşam, Hürriyet, Güneş, Sabah and again in Milliyet.

Çetin Altan was a member of parliament for Workers Party of Turkey (Türkiye İşçi Partisi) between 1965 and 1969. He has been prosecuted more than 300 times because of his articles. Altan has been arrested three times and convicted two times.

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