Wier is a fairly uncommon surname in the United States. It traces ancestry from the Weir clan in Scotland. There are several variants of the name, but all supposedly go back to de Vere, a British noble family originally of Norman ancestry, from the eponymous town of Ver.

As a surname, Wier can refer to:

  • Allen Wier (born 1946), American writer and professor at the University of Tennessee
  • Benjamin Wier, Canadian businessman and politician
  • Dara Wier (born 1949), American poet
  • Ester Wier (born 1910), American writer
  • Johann Weyer (1515–1588), Dutch physician and occultist
  • Roy Wier (1888–1963), U.S. Representative from Minnesota
  • Todd Wier, co-owner of the Buffalo Silverbacks basketball team

Wier can also refer to:

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