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The Deuce

The Deuce is also the nickname for Ann Arbor, Michigan. For other meanings, see Deuce.

The Deuce is the name of the double-decker bus line serving Las Vegas operated by Citizens Area Transit.

As of June 1, 2008, the routes these double-decker buses serve are:

  1. The Las Vegas Strip
  2. Boulder Highway (Route #107)
  3. Eastern Avenue (Route #110)
  4. Flamingo Road (Route #202)
  5. Sahara Avenue (Route #204)
  6. Las Vegas Convention Center. NOTE: the vehicles that serve this route, become part of the DEUCE Strip route once the convention wraps up for the day.

The buses seat 27 people on the lower deck, 53 on the upper deck, and are 40 feet long. The fare is currently $2 for a one way trip ($1 per trip for the disabled), or $5 for a 24-hour pass

Citizens Area Transit is one of four transit agencies that operate double-decker buses in the United States, the others being Unitrans of Davis, California, Community Transit of Snohomish County, Washington, and MUNI of San Francisco, California

In 2006, the RTC announced that they have purchased 40 more double-deckers that are scheduled to arrive in Spring 2007, and another 40 that are to arrive in 2008. These new vehicles are planned to replace the original 50 that have been serving the strip. The original vehicles are going to be reassigned to local routes (height permitting). These new Deuces are special in that they have 2 staircases, one in the current position, and a second one in the back. They will also be 5 feet longer than the present double deckers.

Since January 2008, 80 new double deckers have arrived with half of that order featuring the reconfigured 42ft, 2 staircase bus.

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