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Who's Your Daddy? (House)

Who's Your Daddy? is the twenty-third episode of the second season of House and the forty-fifth episode overall. The title is in reference to two separate stories in the episode, which is unusual.


When a Hurricane Katrina victim hallucinates on a plane, an old friend of House, Dylan Crandall (D. B. Sweeney), takes on the role of the victim's parent, but House doesn't believe that he is really the father.

House runs the paternity test from the beginning, but lies about running it. After House successfully diagnoses the patient, he then admits running the test, but lies about the results. Crandall is not her father, but House tells the girl that he is. He also doesn't challenge his old friend's conviction.

House discovers that the patient had gone to a recording studio before she experienced the hallucinations. She had inhaled mold in the studio, contracting Zygomycosis.

Cuddy asks House for help selecting a sperm donor, but House lambastes choosing a father out of a genetic lineup. She should pick someone she knows and trusts, which Cuddy takes to mean himself. To which House dismisses by saying "Someone you like."

Cultural references

  • When Cuddy states that she is leaning towards the sperm candidate with the designation 613, House accuses her of choosing him due to his Jewish number. This is a reference to the fact that there are 613 Mitzvot, or religious commandments, in Judaism.

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