who's your daddy?

Who's your daddy? (phrase)

"Who's your daddy?" is a slang expression that takes the form of a rhetorical question. Use of the phrase implies a boastful claim of physical or sexual dominance over the intended listener's mother, implying that sex with the mother resulted in the listener's existence and that the speaker of the phrase is therefore the "daddy." Comedians suggest that the phrase is frequently spoken by men in a Freudian outburst during sexual intercourse. The phrase itself stands out as a noteworthy lyric from the 1968 song Time of the Season by The Zombies: "What's your name? Who's your daddy? Is he rich like me?"


Widespread provocative use of the phrase began as early as the late 1980's, largely due to its frequent use in sexually suggestive skits broadcast by a popular syndicated radio shock jock known as "The Greaseman".

A particular catalyst for widespread use of the phrase was the 1990 film Kindergarten Cop In the film, the line "Who is your daddy, and what does he do?" was spoken by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The expression was further popularized in a well known 1991 comedy routine by Dennis Miller; additionally, then-host Craig Kilborn used the phrase "Who's your daddy -- is he rich like me?" on an early episode of The Daily Show.

Denzel Washington playing Coach Boone in Remember the Titans (2000) uses the line to initiate dominance over two student athletes.

In the 2004 American League Championship Series it was used as a mocking chant by New York Yankees fans against Boston Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martínez (prompted by his previous statement, "They beat me. They're that good right now. They're that hot. I just tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy." )

One variant commonly targeted at residents of Indiana is "Hoosier Daddy?" In 2005, the techno/house band Benny Benassi, released the very erotic music video to their track called "Who's Your Daddy?" of the Best of Benny Benassi album.


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