Whiz kid

Whiz kid

This article is about the stereotypical character. For a number of specific historical uses, see Whiz Kids. For the computer game, see Wizkid. For the Marvel Comics character named Wiz Kid, see Taki Matsuya.

The whiz kid is a stock character who is highly intelligent but lacking in physical strength. They usually wear glasses and are somewhat overdressed or tout a different style than the rest of the cast (this often includes button-up shirts, suspenders, and gelled, parted hair).

The whiz kid is usually interested in books, science and technology, and more recently the stereotype has taken up interest in computers and the Internet. The whiz kid takes pride in being smart, and often uses big words (sometimes to show off, or to confuse and manipulate other, less intelligent people around them). The whiz kid usually uses his or her superior knowledge to help the main characters of a story accomplish some goal.

Often the whiz kid is the hero's sidekick, but may also be the lead character or comic relief.

The term "whiz kid" can apply to both males and females. Derogatory references include "geeks" and "nerds".

A whiz kid can also be intended as an exceptionally talented and comparatively young person, esp. a newcomer, who shows great promise in a particular field.



  1. Although Daniel Jackson is an adult, he often takes to amazing events with an almost childlike sense of awe. He also fulfills several of the stereotypes relating to whiz kids, such as wearing glasses and being nerdy (the latter is especially true of him in the Stargate film.)
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