Six Flags White Water

Six Flags White Water is a water park located on U.S. 41 in Marietta, Georgia, in the northwestern suburbs of Atlanta. American Adventures was a previous addition to the park until purchased by Zuma Holdings in May 2008.

Six Flags White Water was originally opened as "White Water Atlanta" in 1983. Built and owned by the Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation, it was sold to Six Flags Inc. in 1999.

The large parking lot was used as a satellite parking facility for the 1996 Summer Olympics. In the summer of 1998, the park was the site of an E. coli outbreak, which received national publicity because one of the children infected was the child of Atlanta Braves baseball player Walt Weiss.

Six Flags operates another amusement park in the Atlanta area. The park is Six Flags Over Georgia, which is located in Cobb County, in Austell and been open since 1967.

Rides And Attractions

  • The Tornaedo (48" minimum)
  • The Cliffhanger (48" minimum)
  • Run-A-Way-River (36" minimum)
  • Lizard's Tail (42" minimum)
  • Deer Park Plunge (42" minimum)
  • Lilypad Crossing
  • Activity Pool
  • Mutiny Chute (42" minimum)
  • The Rapids (42" minimum) The grave of a small child believed to be placed before the park's opening can be found in the woods near this attraction.
  • The three-slide Body Flume (42" minimum)
  • Dragon's Tail-speed slide (48" min)
  • Black River Falls tube single/double tube slide (42" min)
  • Gulf Coast Screamer enclosed tube slide (42" min)
  • Bermuda Triangle single/double tube slide (42" min)
  • Caribbean Plunge 30-second double tube drop (42" min)
  • The Famous Bahama Bob-Slide 6-person raft ride (36" min., 36"-42" accompanied by adult)
  • The Tidal Wave body flume (42" min)
  • The 100-Meter Splash head-first racing slide (36" min)
  • The Atlanta Ocean wavepool (Atlanta's ONLY ocean)
  • The Little Hooch river
  • The 3-story Tree House Island (36"-54" to ride slides)
  • Captain Kid's Cove (Under 54" unless accompanied by adult)
  • Little Squirt's Island -A small-children zero-depth attraction, featuring fountains, squirt guns, chutes, interactive water play. (Under 54" unless accompanied by child)

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