White separatism

White separatism

White separatism is a separatist political movement that seeks separate economic and cultural development for white people. White separatists generally claim genetic affiliation with Anglo-Saxon cultures, Nordic cultures, or other white European cultures. Some also affiliate with white ethnic cultures that developed outside of Europe, like the Neo-Confederates and Boer Nationalists.

White separatists are often found among Christian Identity groups, some of whom refer to the United States as a "Zionist Occupation Government". As a result, many proposals have been submitted to create separate white homelands in locations such as the northwestern corner of the United States.

White separatism is also often associated with paleoconservatism.

Criticism and counterpoint

Critics claim that contemporary white separatism is a public facade adopted by white supremacists. Supporters of white separatism claim that describing white separatists as white supremacist is a smear. White separatists claim that their desire to remove themselves from racially integrated society and to segregate based on race removes the possibility of subjugating other ethnic groups, and thus has no relation to white supremacy. Kevin Alfred Strom, on the National Alliance's white separatist radio program American Dissident Voices, stated:
A separatist may believe that his race is superior to other races in some or all characteristics, but this is not his essential belief. The separatist is defined by his wish for freedom and independence for his people. He wishes them to have their own society, to be led by their own kind, to have a government which looks out for their interests alone. The separatist does not wish to live in a multiracial society at all, so he naturally has no desire to rule over other races...

White separatism vs white supremacy

Many white separatists argue that racial separatism differs from racial supremacy in that separatists believe that all cultures are equal, and that all races and ethnic groups have the right to develop their own culture separately. They say that no race should dominate another, and that no race is inherently superior to another. They argue, however, that racial differences should be respected, and they strongly oppose miscegenation. Likewise, they say they oppose racism, and see separation as the best way for the different racial groups to live in harmony with each other.

Different forms of Racial Separatism

There are two main forms for racial separatism.


See also: Racial Segregation Racial segregation is characterized by separation of different racial groups in daily life, such as eating in restaurants, drinking from water fountains, using restrooms, attending school, going to the movies, or in renting or purchasing a home. Racial segregation is enforced by the government of a multicultural nation, which seeks to separate different cultures within the borders of the same state.

Homeland separatism

See also: Black separatism The policy of homeland separatism supports the idea that all different ethnic or racial groups have the right to self-determination in their own homeland. The view is that no cultural group should govern over another, and different cultures should live in peace and harmony with each other by developing separately in their own nation state.


Many scholars disagree on which of the above categories South African apartheid is to be placed. Opponents of the system claim that apartheid was a form of legalized racism, based on white superiority. However, supporters of apartheid generally say that apartheid was a form of separatism. The question remains, however, whether apartheid was a segregationist or a homeland-separatist policy. Some white separatists claim that apartheid was a form of homeland separatism and a foreign policy, which merely tolerated segregationism in its implementation. South African politician Jann Schlebusch has argued that apartheid was not racist, but rather a separatist policy based on the principle of equality for all ethnicities.

Notable white separatists

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