white list

The White List

The White List is a list of countries assessed by the International Maritime Organisation as properly implementing the STCW-95 convention. As of 2006, the countries were:

* Includes Hong Kong, China (Associate Member of the IMO)
** Includes Faroe Islands (Associate Member of the IMO)
*** Includes Netherlands Antilles & Aruba
**** Includes The Cook Islands
***** Includes Isle of Man, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar
****** As from 4 February 2003, the name of the State of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was changed to Serbia and Montenegro. Following
the dissolution of the State of Serbia and Montenegro on 3 June 2006, all treaty actions relating to the provisions of the STCW Convention undertaken by Serbia and Montenegro continue to be in force with respect to the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Montenegro with effect from the same date, i.e. 3 June 2006.

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