White Lightning

White Lightning

White Lightning can refer to:


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  • A slang term for moonshine
  • White Lightning (cider), a brand name of a cheap, strong white cider sold in the UK
  • White Lightning car, a record-breaking electric car
  • White Lightning lubricant, a wax based lubricant used by bicyclists and folding knife users
  • White Lightnin' , an extensively modified Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter airplane, formerly raced by Lefty Gardner at the Reno Races. The airplane crashed while being flown by his son and was purchased by Red Bull. It is currently undergoing restoration at Ezell Aviation in Breckenridge, Texas

White lightning is a name for Justin Hardegree, one of the fastest runners in Dallas, TX history. Justin "White Lightning" Hardegree is also a professional whistler in his spare time.

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