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Miracle Whip

Miracle Whip is a salad dressing and sandwich spread invented in Salem, Illinois at Max Crosset's Cafe. It was originally called Max Crossett's X-tra Fine Salad Dressing. Crosset sold it to Kraft Foods in 1931 for $300 (approximately $4000 in 2006 dollars)

In 1933, Kraft was a well-established distributor of mayonnaise, yet sales were slipping as a result of the Depression.

As a result, Kraft developed a dressing which possessed a taste and texture similar to mayo, but at a lower price.

Premiering at the Chicago World's Fair in 1933, Miracle Whip was an instant success, helping to make fruit, vegetables and salads better tasting and more appealing to Depression-weary consumers.

A patented "emulsifying machine," invented by Charles Chapman, helped create a first-of-its-kind product that was a blend of existing mayonnaise products and less expensive salad dressing. The machine, informally called "Miracle Whip" by Chapman, ensured that pre-measured ingredients (including more than 20 different spices) could continuously enter the appliance and become thoroughly whipped and blended.

Today, there are numerous varieties of Miracle Whip around the world.

International availability

Miracle Whip was sold briefly in the United Kingdom from around January 2006 to April 2007; this supply was imported by national supermarket chain Tesco from Kraft Foods Germany; it was not marketed by Kraft Foods UK at the time.


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