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Say the Time

Say the Time is a personal time management computer program for Windows developed by Provenio Software Corporation.

Its namesake feature is its ability to automatically announce the date and time aloud. Say the Time also allows its users to set multiple alarms and reminders, customize the look of their taskbar clock, synchronize their computer's time with an atomic clock server, and create virtual sticky notes.

Say the Time was voted "Best Vertical Market Program or Utility" in the 2002 Shareware Industry Awards Foundation People's Choice Awards.


The first version of Say the Time, called Say the Time for Win95, was released in 1996 and was made available as cardware. Its only function was to automatically announce the time at set intervals.


Say the Time 9.0 has the following features:

  • Hear the Date and Time
  • Fully-Customizable Appointment Reminders
  • Taskbar Clock Customization
  • Hover Your Mouse ofve the Time for a Popup Calendar
  • Automatic Updating of the Time via Internet Time Servers Around the World
  • Stopwatch and Countdown Clocks
  • View the Time in Different Parts of the World

User Community

While Say the Time may be useful to a variety of computer users, it has found a following among some niche groups. For example, Say the Time has a following among people with fibromyalgia, and has been recommended on fibromyalgia web sites and newsletters.


Say the Time has faced criticism because it is an English language only product, and the company has not made efforts to internationalize the product.

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