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The Whelm

The Whelm are the frightful servants of Yggur in Ian Irvine's The View from the Mirror quartet.

Whelm is the name that the Ghashad took after Rulke their master was imprisoned in the Nightland, 1000 years before the events of The View from the Mirror books. In the absence of a master they swore fealty to Yggur and became his terror guard. Whelm have a certain influence over all members of the Aachim race; causing them to become paralysed with terror. Yggur sent them to recover Karan after her escape from Fiz Gorgo in A Shadow on the Glass, and due to their power over the Aachim they were responsible for the sacking and destruction of the great city of Shazmak, but later in the series when Rulke was released they abandoned Yggur their master in order to become Ghashad once again under Rulke's thrall.

The Whelm while not overly the strongest or cleverest of all the species on Santhenar, they are the most relentless and most dogged. The Whelm are very sensitive to light.

Notable Whelm include Jark-un and Vartila.

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