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Whats Up Magazine is a discontinued street newspaper that was published in Boston, Massachusetts's South End. Whats Up was a subsidiary of Haley House, a non profit organization in Boston. It merged with Spare Change News in 2007 and is now a supplement.

Whats Up Magazine integrates community, diversity, and discussion by supporting artistic expression and social change. It was rooted in the voices of youth culture and humanitarian concern. Its purpose is two-fold:

Serve as a community-based alternative media source. The content combined the arts with social awareness in a way that encourages the entire population of Greater Boston to be socially conscious as well as being a human service provider, aiding low-income individuals by offering transitional employment to official magazine vendors. Vendors both contribute to and distribute the magazine.


The first issue was published in April 1997 by original founders Aaron Goldstein and Laurel Kirtz. The magazine's first debut was in black & white for 75 cents. By the next issue, the magazine was sold for $1.00. Eventually, they were sold in color.

In November 2007, Whats Up disestablished itself as a single magazine and merged with Spare Change News. It is now a member of the Homeless Empowerment Project. On February 28, 2008, Whats Up published their 4-page insert inside Spare Change News.

About The Paper

Each paper was sold monthly for $12 by a vendor. As a result, he or she received a 75-dollar profit for each issue sold. Although Whats Up had four paid staff, the majority of articles written were from volunteers.

Vendors sold the most current issues of the magazine throughout the Boston and Greater Boston area.

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