Whatfor is the name of the band created by the 2nd French season of the popular reality-TV show "Popstars" aired on RTL Group TV channel M6 in fall 2002. The group consisted of Cyril (from Marseille), Erika (from Marseille too), Nicolas (from Toulon) and Monia (from the Lyon suburbs).

Their first hit "Plus haut" (higher) reached rank #1 in the French charts and so did their 1st and only album called "What for". Their musical style was a mix of modern dance music, pop and R&B, with a clear late 70's disco/funk touch that is mainly because the mastermind behind this album, Philippe Saisse, was the one behind the most successful albums of some great artists of that era like Chic and Chaka Khan.

But the success story ends here as their second single called "L'amour n'a pas de loi" (Love knows no law), a cover of Swedish singer Carola's song "A kiss goodbye" (from her album "My show") did a complete flop.

The group disbanded 6 month after its birth. Some say this was due to the bad behaviour of Monia, one of the band's members, but there is no evidence of this and this information has rather to be considered as tabloid alike gossip.

Erika and Cyril founded a band together, and Nicolas tried a solo career, but none of their tries went successful. Monia's whereabouts are yet unknown.

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