what you get is what you never thought you had

What You Get Is What You See

What You Get Is What You See is a hit song by Grammy Award winning rock and soul singer Tina Turner, it was released as a single from Tina's Break Every Rule album. The song was written by the Terry Britten and Graham Lyle team and was notably different to the three previous singles that they had written for Turner, "What's Love Got to Do with It", "We Don't Need Another Hero" and "Two People", as it was an up-tempo Country-tinged rock track featuring Eric Clapton on guitars. The 12" single included three versions of the song, the Extended Dance Mix, the Extended Rock Mix and a live version recorded in London in November 1986. A different live recording of the song was later used as the opening track on Turner's 1988 album Tina Live in Europe.

"What You Get Is What You See" was popular in Australia, where it was used in a campaign for the New South Wales Rugby League. They later used "The Best" in an even more successful campaign.

Versions and remixes

  • 7" Edit - 3:48
  • Album Version - 4:31
  • Extended Dance Mix - 6:28
  • Extended Rock Mix - 5:56

Chart Performance

Position Chart
5 US R&B
13 US HOT 100
14 Poland
15 Australia
16 Ireland
17 Germany
23 Austria
30 UK

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