what's the word?

What's the Word

What's the Word is the second studio album by Texas based Blues Rock band The Fabulous Thunderbirds released in 1980. The album, like it's predecessor initially sold poorly, but is now regarded as a successful white blues recording. The 2000 CD reissue on Benchmark Records contains three bonus tracks, two of which were recorded live at Club Koda, Austin, Texas.

Track listing

  1. "Runnin' Shoes"
  2. "You Ain't Nothin' But Fine"
  3. "Low-Down Woman"
  4. "Extra Jimmies"
  5. "Sugar Coated Love"
  6. "Last Call for Alcohol"
  7. "The Crawl"
  8. "Jumpin' Bad"
  9. "Learn to Treat Me Right"
  10. "I'm a Good Man (If You Give Me a Chance)"
  11. "Dirty Work"
  12. "That's Enough of That Stuff"
  13. "Band Introduction by C-Boy"
  14. "Bad Boy" (Live)
  15. "Scratch My Back" (Live)
  16. "Los Fabulosos Thunderbirds"

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