What For

What For

[hwuht, hwot, wuht, wot; unstressed hwuht, wuht]

"What For" is a single by Mancunian band James, released in 1988 by Sire Records, the first after an enforced eighteen-month hiatus and also the first release featuring material off their their forthcoming album Strip-mine. Both the title track and one of the two additional tracks, "Not There" were included on Strip-mine, while the other track, "Island Swing" remains otherwise unreleased. "What For" was also included on the compilation Just Say Yo and reached the 33rd spot on John Peel's Festive Fifty of 1988.

Track listing

7" single

  1. "What For"
  2. "Island Swing" 12" EP, cassette
  3. "What For"
  4. "Island Swing"
  5. "Not There"


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