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Whacked Out Sports

Whacked Out Sports is a syndicated reality television series which features professional and amateur videos of sports-related mishaps and accidents, usually involving people being injured. The show has a comedic theme and uses a humorous narrative voiceover to highlight aspects of the clips. The program also airs on Spike TV, and a sister program called Whacked Out Videos which features more general video content airs on MyNetworkTV.

Subject Matter

The show consists entirely of short video clips featuring sports-related accidents and odd sporting events. The clips are accompanied by irreverent and wacky narration which is intended to present otherwise shocking or disturbing images in a humorous manner. Each episode usually caps with a video of scantily-clad women engaging in sports such as American Football or Pole-dancing exercises.

High points from the clips are generally replayed several times for maximum effect, a technique also used on the similar show MXC. The narrator, Tom Gottlieb ("Cookie" from the video game You Don't Know Jack), uses a juvenile commentary to help create the lighthearted nature of the show; for example, stating "he's using his noggin to steer the toboggan" when referring to a luge accident. Another trademark feature of the show are the often cartoonish stock sound effects such as screams, punches, crashes, and groaning men sounds after scenes of crashes, falls, fights or other incidents are shown.

The clips for Whacked Out Sports are collected from video taken by various sources around the world.


The show has received some criticism regarding its violent nature, cultural insensitivity, and outright racist remarks (while admittedly in the vein of irreverent humor, and not necessarily racism per se ). Additionally, concern has been expressed that the shows dangerous stunts might encourage young viewers to act in similar ways and injure themselves .

Unlike some home-video clip shows, Whacked Out Sports does not limit itself to videos where those depicted were able to ultimately escape serious injury. The narrator frequently indulges in low-brow derision of hopelessly injured athletes and innocent bystanders.

Because of the show's mature content, it contains a special content disclaimer at the beginning of each episode and is usually aired in late night hours.

Overseas Broadcasts

The series began airing in the United Kingdom on the Five US channel in February 2008.

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