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Alan Brazil

Alan Bernard Brazil (born June 15, 1959 in Simshill, Glasgow) is a former Scottish football player. He was a forward before retirement due to injury. He is now a popular radio DJ on Talksport.

Playing career

Ipswich Town

Alan started his career with Ipswich Town F.C. in 1977. He stayed with Town until 1983, appearing a total of 210 times, and scoring 80 goals.

Detroit Express

In 1978, he played for the Detroit Express in the North American Soccer League, appearing in 21 regular season games (9 goals and 7 assists) and 3 playoff games (1 goal and 1 assist)

Tottenham Hotspur

He then moved to Tottenham Hotspur F.C. in March 1983 for the season, making 31 appearances, and scoring 9 times.

Manchester United

In June 1984 he joined Manchester United F.C. for a fee of £625,000. He stayed with United for two seasons, making a total of 41 appearances in the league, the League Cup, the FA Cup and the UEFA Cup. He scored 16 goals whilst with them.

Coventry City

In 1986, he transferred to Coventry City F.C. for £300,000, for a season, making 15 league appearances and scoring twice, before being given a free transfer to Queens Park Rangers. He made a total of 4 appearances for them, failing to score, before finishing his career at Bury Town. In Alan's late career he also played for Chelmsford City Football Club.


He also made 13 appearances for the Scottish national team, the most notable of which saw him playing in the World Cup finals in Spain. Unfortunately, his international appearances were limited as Scotland had a number of top class strikers at this time such as Kenny Dalglish, Charlie Nicholas, Maurice Johnston, Steve Archibald and Paul Sturrock. His career was cut short at the age of 27 due to a serious back injury that could have seen him ending up in a wheelchair if he continued playing football in the top-flight.

Media career

These days, Alan Brazil can be heard presenting talkSPORT's weekday 6-10am slot. He started off co-presenting with Station Director, Mike Parry, then Graham Beecroft but currently co-presents with Ronnie Irani. The show has since been such a hit that it has been named the 'Alan Brazil Breakfast Show'. He gets on well with everyone on the show, especially the resident financial expert Henk Potts with whom he shares a love of carousing. During the week Alan lives in West India Quays, Canary Wharf as revelaed on his show 2nd October 2008.

He is also a big fan of horse racing and, in 2003, formed the Alan Brazil Racing Club based at Newmarket near to his home in Suffolk. Alan also bears a striking resemblance to former jumps jockey Terry Biddlecombe.

Alan’s local course is the Point-to-Point course at Higham, Suffolk. Alan Commutes from Suffolk to London everyday in his Lexus. Although his programme is a sporting one, his views tend to be to the right of centre when he does express them.

Alan was famously sacked in 2004, after the Breakfast Show was broadcast at the Cheltenham Festival, from Tuesday to Thursday. Alan enjoyed himself too much and missed the Friday show. Alan was reinstated after a huge uproar from talkSPORT listeners. His several week absence was explained as due to him being lost in beer tent. As a caveat to his reinstatement, Brazil must now pay a £5000 fine for every show he misses.

Alan has several catchphrases the most common being "Why" which is often said in quick repetition. On hearing a location Alan will usually say "I've never been" or "beautiful" depending on whether or not he has visited it.

He is remembered for a monumental clanger in 2004. Talking to Gary Bushell, who was at a Bob Monkhouse Tribute Dinner, he asked 'So, er, Gary. How is Bob's health these days?'. Confused with the question Gary Bushell replied 'Well Alan, he died. That's what the tribute dinner is for' and then Brazil, clearly embarrassed replies 'Well, I, er, heard two versions'. This apparently caused hundreds of people to call in with complaints and several hundreds of people calling in to say how funny it was, due to the fact that Brazil didn't actually realise what he had said.

Victim of child abuse

In the early 1970s, Alan was subject to abuse at Celtic Boys Club, by Jim Torbett. When Torbett was charged and tried in 1996, Alan was a witness for the prosecution. Torbett was found guilty on child abuse charges and sentenced to two years in prison.

"There's an Awful Lot of Bubbly in Brazil"

In 2006 he released a book co-written with Mike Parry called "There's an Awful Lot of Bubbly in Brazil

"Both Barrels from Brazil - My War against the Numpties"

In 2007, Brazil, along with Mike Parry, released a sequel to his first book entitled "Both barrels from Brazil - My War against the Numpties".


On September 16, 2007, Brazil was arrested near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk on suspicion of drink-driving more than double the legal limit.

Conviction on Drink Driving Charges

On April 23, 2008, Brazil was convicted of Drink Driving, and banned for 20 months, and given a £750 fine, as well as being ordered to pay £470 compensation to the court.

Controversy over his arrest and claim of innocence

Brazil controversially pleaded not guilty, even though on a DVD shown to the court from his arrest, he admitted to having drunk a bottle of wine and being over the limit. He also controversially made an attack on the police that they weren't doing their job properly, and that they should be out catching real criminals rather than picking on him. The DVD was shown of him giving the breath test at the Police Station, where when told by a Police officer that if found positive, he would be locked up for a couple of hours.

''Brazil replies: "Oh no. Please! Incredible.

"Paedophiles get what? Three months? Then come out and I am going to get banged up for a couple of hours. With the greatest of respect the law's an ass.

"It's all wrong. I have had a bottle of wine. If I am over I am over. I will lose my licence. I have no problem with that. I am an idiot for not staying over.”

'Hating' Talksport

In the CCTV footage taken in the police custody suite and shown to the court, Brazil also stated:

“I’ll have to change jobs – it might do me a favour. I’m sick of it."

'I'm double the limit. I can't believe it. Mind you, I was out last night'

“It takes over your life, the media in London. The money’s not worth it.” He told Police that he was fed up of his bosses in London at the Talksport station. ""I might have to change jobs. You might have done me a favour. I'm sick of them."

Although claiming this on the DVD, Brazil has been allowed to keep his job at Talksport. With the Station quoting: "The drink-driving charge is something for the courts. We will be happy to have him on air in the morning as usual."


After the case Brazil said he was considering an appeal.

“I think this case has shown that the law is a grey area,” he added. “It is rather like the offside law. I am disappointed with the verdict.

“I work long hours – I’m entitled to drive at 50mph,” he said. “I’m the first guy to be done for driving too slowly.” Brazil felt disappointed that police had not followed proper procedure and he told reporters "There is no doubt that the way we are living the streets are not safe whether it be Suffolk, whether it be London. I think everyone agrees."

"I just think the police have got better things to do to be honest." He said he had the same views before he had been stopped for drink-driving.


As a player

Ipswich Town

  • UEFA Cup winner 1981

Tottenham Hotspur

  • UEFA Cup winner 1984


'Our talking point this morning is George Best, his liver transplant and the booze culture in football. Don’t forget, the best caller wins a crate of John Smith’s.'

'One moment I'm playing football and the next - whack - I wake up in hospital unconscious.'

'He held his head in his hands as it flashed past the post.'

'The tackles are coming in thick and thin'.

'Roy Keane, his face punches the air...'

Alan Brazil: "I was sad to hear yesterday about the death of Inspector Morse, TV's John Shaw." Mike Parry: "John Thaw, Alan." Alan Brazil: "Do you know, i've been doing that all morning. John, if you're listening, sorry mate."

"The man is United - cut him and he bleeds red". His evaluation on Sir Alex Ferguson.

"Villa have had a complete reservation of fortunes." After Martin O'Neill took over as manager of Aston Villa.

Discussing Bob Monkhouse Tribute Dinner with Garry Bushell on TalkSport: "So Garry, how is old Bob these days?". Garry Bushell replies: "Alan - he's dead, that's why the Tribute dinner is being held"


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